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Our philosophy is to perform as many processes involved in the repair and overhaul of components as possible in-house.

We can perform all magnetic particle and fluorescent penetrant inspections as well as limited ultrasonic thickness checking to avoid using a subcontractor. This cuts down on lead times immensely and defects can be identified and remedied quickly with the customer.

There are very few shops that can fabricate repair bushings quickly during the overhaul/repair process. Airside utilizes a CNC lathe to produce those bushings that require replacement per OEM specifications quickly, and once programmed, the bushings can be repeated very quickly.

Along with the CNC lathe, Airside also has the capability to machine both inboard and outboard Boeing 747 carriage spindles in-house, which negates the need to rely on a subcontractor to both chrome plate and then machine the spindles to proper dimension. This cuts down costs of vendors and adds to Airside’s ability to meet predetermined customer deadlines.

Performing landing gear overhauls are efficient with an in-house hydraulic test stand to avoid outsourcing any hydraulic components during the process.


  • 747 Inboard/Outboard Flap Carriage Assemblies
  • 737 Inboard/Outboard Flap Carriage Assemblies
  • CF6-80 Thrust Reverser Assemblies
  • 737, 747, 757, 767, 777 Landing Gear Installations
  • Engine Mounts – All airframe

ATA Chapters We Serve

21 – Air Conditioning (Ducting)

25 – Equipment and Furnishings

  • Flight Crew, Flight Attendant Seats
  • Interior Panels
  • Passenger Service Units

27 – Flight Controls

  • Flight Surfaces
  • Mechanisms (ex. Spoiler mixer assemblies, ratio changer assemblies)
  • Gearboxes
  • Transmissions
  • Torque Tube Assemblies
  • Stabilizer Trim Actuator Assemblies
  • Flap Drive Power Unit Assemblies
  • Flap Actuator Assemblies
  • Spoiler Actuator Assemblies
  • Leading Edge Slat Actuators
  • Slat Tracks

28 – Fuel (Panels and Doors)

29 – Hydraulics

  • Hydraulic Reservoirs
  • Hydraulic Swivels

32 – Landing Gear

  • 737, 747, 757, 767, 777 Nose Landing Gear Assembly
  • 737, 747, 757, 767, 777 Main Landing Gear Assembly
  • Main Landing Gear Retract Actuator
  • Main Landing Gear Lock Actuator
  • Main Landing Gear Uplock Actuator
  • Nose Landing Gear Steering Actuator
  • Nose Landing Gear Steering Valve Assembly
  • Nose Landing Gear Door Assembly
  • Main Landing Gear Door Assembly
  • Tail Skid Actuator Assembly

49 – Auxiliary Power Unit

  • Exhaust Duct Muffler Assembly
  • APU Inlet Port and Door Assembly

52 – Doors

  • Entry Door Snubber Assembly
  • Galley Door Snubber Assembly
  • Passenger Door Snubber Assembly
  • Passenger Entry Door Assembly
  • Galley Door Assembly
  • Cargo Door Assembly

53 – Fuselage – Nose Radome Assembly

54 – Nacelles/Pylons

  • Engine Strut Installation Components
  • Fairing Installation Components

55 – Stabilizers

  • Elevator and Tab Assembly
  • Rudder Assembly
  • Mechanisms

56 – Windows – Control Cabin Windows

57 – Wings

  • Main Landing Gear Beam Installation Components
  • Winglets
  • Flap Track Fairings
  • Leading Edge Slat Assembly
  • Aileron and Control Tab Assembly
  • Flap Track Assembly
  • Midflap Assembly
  • Foreflap Assembly
  • Trailing Edge Flap Assembly
  • Inboard and Outboard Assembly
  • Slat Assembly
  • Spoiler Panel Assembly
  • Ground Spoiler Assembly
  • Krueger Flap and Tailgate Assembly

71 – Powerplant

  • Nose Cowl Assembly
  • Inlet Cowl Assembly
  • Forward and Aft Engine Mount Assembly
  • Engine Throttle Fuel Control Box Assembly

78 – Engine Exhaust

  • Thrust Reverser Assembly
  • Thrust Reverser Locking Actuator
  • Thrust Reverser Non-Locking Actuator
  • Turbine Exhaust Nozzle Assembly